Notes From The UWP-PAC Meeting On July 31st

Dear Utah Women & Politics Friends,

What a wonderful evening at Marguerite's lovely home and an amazing feast for all of us.  Thank you, Marguerite, for all that you do for UWP-PAC.

Upcoming Events
We need your help in extending invitations

Wednesday, August 15 - 6:00 - 800 PM - Salt Lake City
UWP-PAC awareness and fundraising reception at the home of Candy Taylor.  Attached to this update is an invitation to Candy's reception.  Please forward to anyone who you think might be interested in supporting or learning more about Utah Women & Politics - PAC and invite them to join us.

Friday, August 17 - 4:30 - 6:30 - Ogden Utah
Ogden Balloon Festival Reception
Renaissance Chalet, 6949 East 1900 North, Eden, Utah
This reception supported by our candidate Deana Froerer, will be an opportunity to introduce the Ogden community and voters to Utah Woman and Politics.  We are asking for a $100/person donation to this event.  Tickets are available on our website at:
Again, we're attaching our invitation in the hope that you will share it with friends in Ogden or Salt Lake who might want to join us.  

Better Boundaries
Now known as Proposition 4 on the November Ballot.  Catherine Kanter brought the group up to date on the proposition.  It IS on the ballot and the importance for all of us is getting out the vote to see that it is passed.  Call your friends and engage everyone you know about the importance of this initiative designed to bring competition back into Utah's elections and eventually a better balance in our legislature and all our elective offices.  If you want more information or to volunteer, please contact Catherine ( or

Elsa Gary outlined the work of Voterise, an organization that she and her husband, Dick, started several year's ago.  The purpose is to register individuals to vote, so that elections are not decided by the few but the many.  Their focus has been on younger voters and they have had stunning success in registering voters - but more importantly seeing that those registered turn out to vote.  Their track record is that 79% of their registered voters vote!  Their current initiative "The 2020 Campaign" is to recruit 1,000 women to register 20 new voters each. Utah Women & Politics can go a long way toward helping them meet this goal if each of us commits to being one of the 1,000 and recruiting 20 women.  If you didn't get a chance to pick up a 2020 Voterise Packet, please contact for materials and information.

Our Candidates!!
Diane Stewart, co-chair of the Candidate Support Committee, reported that all of our supported candidates have demonstrated that they are on track and that we have sent a second check to each of them to continue their good work.

Each of our candidates talked about their progress.  All are diligently knocking on doors, making phone calls, getting campaign materials into constituent hands, attending house parties and civic meetings, and more!  However, they can all use our help.  If you are able, please pick at least one of the candidates to support --  you can go to each candidate's website to sign up for emails with ongoing volunteer opportunities and updates, or if you have questions or ideas for coordinating a group volunteer effort, you can reach out to the Candidate Liaison from Utah Women & Politics - PAC (listed below).

Anthony Sudweeks, House District 49 (East Sandy and East Draper)
UWP COORDINATORS:  Remlee Robins and Sarah Belzer
Suzanne Harrison, House District 32 (Sandy, Draper, White City)
UWP Coordinator:  Dana Williamson (
Deana Froerer, House District 8 (Huntsville, Eastern Weber County)
UWP Coordinator, Kathryn Lindquist (
Andrew Stoddard, House District 44 (Murray and Midvale, along I-15 S) 
UWP Coordinator - Holly Smith (
Kathleen Riebe, Senate District 8 (Murray, Cottonwood Heights, Big & Little Cottonwood Canyons)
UWP Coordinator:  Gretchen Anderson (

There are less than 100 days now until the November election.  Our candidates need all the support we can provide so that they will ALL win in November.  Please support them in whatever ways you can.  Think about pulling together a "calling night" at your home and get phone numbers of unaffiliated voters in one of our candidate's districts and make calls, along with wine and cheese and good friends.  Be creative, but be involved.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Mead

Thank you all for everything you are doing to move the needle.


WOMEN (13).png
WOMEN (11).png

Email: Four things to do right now about Trump’s cruel immigration agenda

Including information from the Indivisible group on actions to take + a link to the local Utah event.

Trigger warning: Graphic descriptions and depictions of violence against immigrants below.

Families belong together.

It’s that simple.

For decades, the United States’ immigration system has been in crisis. 11 million undocumented immigrants who live and work in our communities want nothing more than to contribute more to our country. Of that number, 1.8 million are young people -- Dreamers -- graduating from high school and college with no idea what their future holds. Tens of thousands of families from Central America -- El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras -- flee violence and seeking refuge, with legitimate claims for asylum. And while the media might sensationalize border crossings, nearly half of immigrants who become undocumented are those who arrive with valid visas.

Our antiquated immigration system was never equipped to support them, and our politicians have let them down.

Under Trump, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has had free reign and a blank check to terrorize immigrants and their families. They’ve systematically targeted immigrant communities -- aiming to jail or deport as many as possible in support of the Donald-Trump-Jeff-Sessions-Stephen-Miller-style xenophobic, racist, white supremacist agenda.

And now we’ve seen just how heinous the Trump Administration’s plans were all along.

In April, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a zero-tolerance policy to prosecute anyone who crosses the border illegally, and advocates braced for the worst. Just weeks into this policy, the country has already watched and listened to too many stories of immigrant parents and their children being separated at the border. Children torn from their parents. Assigned a number. Sent to tents in the desert or to cages in cold, overcrowded warehouses and former Walmarts.

Our country cannot unsee these atrocities. Activists and politicians alike are speaking out and proposing solutions -- but it's critical that we all understand what's on the table, and how we can support what will help, not hurt, immigrant families.

Under activist pressure, Trump signed an executive order that he claims ends family separation at the U.S. border. And just what is Trump’s solution to the crisis he created? Family jails. This is not a solution.

It’s unclear exactly what the impact of this executive order will be, but here’s what we know: It leaves in place the zero-tolerance policy that is causing family separations at the U.S. border, but seeks to get around a court-ordered decree, known as the Flores settlement, that established protections for immigrant children from indefinite detainment by the federal government. In other words, he’s trying to create family jails to hold immigrant children and parents indefinitely. This is state-sponsored child abuse. It means more cages for indefinite periods of times for immigrant families INCLUDING children.

We must continue the fight for justice and resist any attempts of the Trump administration to bandage wrap this continuing humanitarian crisis.

Take action to end family separation at the border:

We have to be honest, things are changing quickly. Even though Trump signed an executive order, there are multiple pieces of legislation moving right now -- two in the House and more to come in the Senate:

Two bad, Republican-sponsored bills in the House (read about them here) are aimed at passing extreme anti-immigrant bills that do nothing to solve the refugee crisis or provide protections for Dreamers. The Goodlatte-McCaul bill radically restructures our immigration system, pays for the border wall, eliminates the diversity visa program, restricts access to asylum, and much, much more. The Paul Ryan proposal is similar to the Goodlatte-McCaul bill and allows for mandatory and indefinite detention of immigrant children and their parents.

In the Senate, there are multiple efforts to address family separation. All Democrats have sponsored Dianne Feinstein’s Keep Families Together Act to end family separation at the border. Sen. Cruz (R-TX) and other Republicans, however, are pursuing their own bills that would essentially codify Trump’s executive order.

The most important thing we can do is make sure that none of the anti-immigrant bills in the House and Senate become law. They would result in mass, indefinite detention of immigrant families.

Here’s what we need you to do right now:



→ This week: Read our resource and tell your MoCs to vote NO on bad immigration bills.

→ June 30 (National #FamiliesBelongTogether Day of Action):We’re proudly joining the #FamiliesBelongTogether coalition led by National Domestic Workers Alliance, We Belong Together, ACLU, MoveOn, Women’s Refugee Commission, and others to organize mass mobilizations in DC and around the country. Find the closest (or plan your own!) #FamiliesBelongTogether event to you here.

→ June 29 through July 8 (July 4 recess): MoCs and their staff head home for a few days. That means it your chance to make your MoCs answer to you! Check out our organizing toolkit for more information on how you can start preparing for recess.

What you do in this moment matters

We’re proud of, and inspired by, the Indivisible groups already taking action, declaring that #FamiliesBelongTogether.


Trump’s draconian immigration policies are a threat to us all, no matter where we come from. When we permit inhumane actions on vulnerable communities, we tell the world that we value blind partisanship over common dignity. And we follow the same path that led to some of the darkest moments in America’s history.

Long story short, anyone who doesn’t speak out or turns a blind eye is complicit.

What you do -- what our country does -- in this moment will define a generation. It’s critical that we show up in full force for immigrant families, those already here and those who seek refuge. So make a call. Show up. Increase the pressure.

Thousands of families need you to support their fight.

In solidarity,
The Indivisible Team

Notes from UWP-PAC June 5th Meeting

Dear Utah Women & Politics,

Our meeting last night at Evolutionary Healthcare was truly inspiring.  We had a good crowd to meet the initial five candidates that the Utah Women & Politics PAC is supporting.  What an impressive group of candidates:  intelligent, passionate, engaged and positioning themselves win. 
We also appreciate all of the member enthusiasm at the meeting and want to continue the momentum.  One of our members offered to cater a house party in each of the districts for our five candidates.  Our PAC also agreed to take a table at the Orton & McKay dinner scheduled at The Bigelow in Ogden on June 22 at 6:00 pm.  All proceeds help support the Weber County democrats in building the local party, and recruiting and supporting candidates, and building a base of involved citizens that believe in balanced and reasoned representation at the local, state and national level.  Deana believes this event will support her campaign.  If you're interested in attending, please let us know.

This is just the beginning.  We have five months until election day and NOW is really the time to engage.  

The Candidates
Here are the candidates that we have currently elected to support.  After the primaries, we may add more.  They need our support - our money, time and talent.  We've started with the money.  Contact these remarkable candidates and find out how you can help.  They can all win with our continued help.

Deana Froerer (House 8)
(801) 388-7162
District:  Weber County, Ogden
Suzanne Harrison (House 32)
(801) 999-8047
District:  Sandy, Draper and White City

Kathleen Riebe (Senate 8)
(801) 599-5753
District:  Midvale, Cottonwood Heights, Draper

Andrew Stoddard (House 44)
(385) 722-4183
District:  Murray, Midvale and Sandy

Anthony Sudweeks (House 49)
(801) 884-7950
District:  Sandy, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Midvale, Dimple Dell

It's Time to Engage.  Here are ways that you can help:
Walk for a candidate
Put out yard signs
Send out postcards
Volunteer to make phone calls/answer calls
Host a house party for a candidate or our PAC
Work to sign up new voters
Provide administrative support
Post your support on social media
Write personal notes to encourage other voters to support a candidate (Deana Froerer really needs voters in her district for this. Please contact Deana if you have friends or family in her district)
And more.  Be creative! 

Use the contact information above to reach out to candidates you are interested in supporting and find out how you can best help.

Next Meeting
We will schedule a follow-up meeting with the candidates at the end of July/early August to be updated on their progress.  We'll keep you posted on progress, as well as any new candidates that emerge for support.  Committees will continue to meet to work on specific areas as needed – you can join one here  
If you haven't yet made a contribution to Utah Women and Politics PAC. now is the time to do so.

Finally, a big thank you to Carol Osborn and the Vetting Committee for selecting an amazing and electable group of a candidates.  And to Diane Stewart and Christine Gailey and the Candidate Support Committee for arranging financial support and tracking the progress candidates.  And finally, to Marguerite Henderson and her amazing Program Committee who put together tonight's program which Marguerite catered (beautiful and delicious food). Thank you all!

Thank you all for the great work you are all doing.  Don't stop.  This is just the beginning.


Lucinda L Kindred

Op-ed: County attorneys are powerful people — choose wisely this election year

-By Jim Moore

Somewhere on your election ballot this year will be a race for the county or district attorney — the top prosecutor in the county where you live.

How important is the county attorney? Does it matter who gets elected? What should a voter look for in a candidate? These are questions that you might not ask unless you are a lawyer or otherwise have been affected by a prosecutor’s decision.

But no matter who you are, the local county attorney is the most powerful actor in your local criminal justice system. He or she directs important investigations, decides if search warrants should be sought, determines if a suspect can be charged with a crime and makes sentencing recommendations. Most cases are fairly routine from a legal perspective; some are not. But even if you aren’t engaged with the criminal justice system, the myriad decisions of county attorneys can impact people and society located far beyond the courtroom.

As someone who spent eight years as a federal prosecutor, and many years dealing with prosecutors from the other side of the table, I believe that county attorneys — more than judges or defense lawyers — have more power to do good or ill than any other player in the criminal justice system. For example, if a 15-year-old commits a serious crime, a prosecutor must decide if the teen should be charged as an adult. Make the wrong decision, and the consequences may lead to more societal problems than if the teen was assigned to the juvenile system where more treatment is available. These can be hard decisions, requiring a good sense of what is best for the individual and society as a whole. Based on my years of experience, it is easy for prosecutors to act “tough” and always seek the maximum charges and most stringent punishments. It is much more difficult — but extremely important from a community standpoint — to be fair and seek what is just and appropriate for each case.

One of the many challenges county attorneys face is oversight of local law enforcement. The police, of course, are the prosecutor’s investigators and they often work closely together. But when members of the police department are alleged to have violated the law, the decisions made by the local county attorney become essential. Like any other level of democratic government, there must be checks and balances — and the prosecutor, in overseeing alleged inappropriate or illegal police conduct — must have the courage and judgment to investigate these allegations effectively to all concerned, including any victims.

Fortunately, this year you will have the ability to elect the top prosecutor in your county. Politicians on both sides of the aisle, including Utah Sen. Mike Lee, support replacing “tough-on-crime” policies with “smart-on-crime” alternatives. I believe that policies, not political affiliation, should guide decisions about electing the very best prosecutor candidate. That position of responsibility is too important to allow politics to dictate a result. To make the best decision, gather as much information as you can about the candidates in your jurisdiction and consider these key questions:

  • Is the candidate well-respected in the local legal community?
  • Is the candidate more interested in being “tough-on-crime” than being “smart-on-crime” with sentencing alternatives and charging policies intended to reduce mass incarceration and recidivism?
  • Does their criminal justice experience include time in the courtroom?
  • Is the candidate genuinely interested in the work of the prosecutor’s office or more interested in using the job as a stepping stone to higher office?
  • Has the candidate demonstrated independence to take appropriate action against police when the circumstances justify it?

The choice is yours. Even if you consider yourself far removed from the decisions of a county attorney, your proximity to their influence on incarceration rates, recidivism rates and police misconduct is much closer than you think.


Jim Moore is a retired lawyer and a 12-year veteran of the Department of Justice where he worked as a federal prosecutor in Seattle. He also served as general counsel and senior executive vice president at the Huntsman Corporation.


Notes from UWP-PAC April 3rd Meeting

Dear Utah Women & Politics PAC Members,
Thank you to everyone who attended our meeting on Tuesday, April 3rd at Evolutionary Healthcare.  We had a productive preliminary PAC Candidate Support meeting. 

Meeting Recap
Crystal Young-Otterstrom provided the group with an intense civics 101 course on the election process: candidate eligibility, caucus procedures, delegate selection, convention (county and state) candidate selection processes and when there is need for a primary race and how the signature process fits into that. A much appreciated overview. 

The Candidate Vetting Committee chaired by Carol Osborn has been meeting over the past month to review candidate applications posted to the UWP website. The committee has interviewed all candidates in person and, in many cases, followed up directly with the candidates for specific information. The committee has also helped to recruit candidates for selected districts where turning a seat is a possibility. Districts have been ranked based on past voting patterns to identify those districts that have the best chance to change or move the needle. With this background and the extensive research applied to each candidate, the following candidate slate was proposed for support. After discussion, the slate was put to a vote and unanimously approved by the membership in attendance. 

Recommend primary delegate support
Kathleen Riebe, Senate District 8

Recommend general election support now
Deana Froerer, House District 8
Suzanne Harrison, House District 32
Andrew Stoddard, House District  44
Anthony Sudweeks, House District 49
Races we're watching & may recommend financial support later (but not at this time)
DeLaina Tonks, Senate District 11

Our support for Kathleen Riebe is immediate to help get her through the convention with enough delegate votes so her race doesn’t need to go to a primary race. 

NOTE:  This is the first round of candidates seeking support. Additional applications continue to be submitted and the committee will continue to vet and bring names to the membership for PAC support. 

Next Steps on Candidates
The approved candidates names will be forwarded to the Candidate Support Committee, co-chaired by Christine Gailey and Diane Stewart, which will determine the level and benchmarks for our financial support along with additional support that may be required, e.g. fundraising parties, list maintenance, neighborhood walks, volunteer recruitment, etc. 

Upcoming Meetings and More
We will send another announcement for the next general membership meeting (probably mid-May) where we might be voting on additional candidates for PAC support and where we will be bringing PAC supported candidates in for the membership to meet and hear their platforms and winning strategies. 

In the mean time, check the website to see how you can get engaged in the races and continue to support UWP through its committees and fundraising. The list of candidates we are currently supporting is listed here  We are also calling for volunteers to host small house parties (we will help you organize it!) as fundraisers to help reach our $100,000 goal. 

Thank you all for all your support and all that you do. We are on our way. We won’t stop until we make the difference we all seek to make our legislature more representative and responsive to the needs and desires of its citizens. Let us know if you have questions. 




Lucinda L Kindred

Reminder: Voting Members Meeting on April 3rd to Vote on Candidate Support

Dear Utah Women & Politics Members,
This email is a reminder of our meeting on Tuesday, April 3rd at 6:00pm at Evolutionary Healthcare, 461 East 200 South, Suite #100.  If you want to bring a "snack" and or wine, it would be appreciated. The purpose of this meeting will be to vote on the candidates that the Candidate Vetting Committee is recommending for UWP-PAC support.  As additional candidates request our support, we will continue to review their applications and present them to our membership for PAC support.
The Agenda for the meeting:
Civics 101
Crystal Young-Otterstrom will be giving us a civics lesson on candidate eligibility, the caucus process, the conventions, primaries and (once elected) the legislative process.  Many of you have requested this information and I know Crystal will do a thorough and complete overview.  
Candidate Voting
The last 2-3 candidates in the first round will be interviewed by the Candidate Vetting Committee on Monday.  After the interviews on Monday, you will be notified, and candidates and their applications will be posted on a secure part of the website.  Note that different candidates have different needs; the ranking will be clear in Monday’s message.  The names you get on Monday are the candidates who are recommended for consideration and will be voted on Tuesday.  Once you have the candidate information, please review BEFORE we meet on Tuesday.  Copies will not be available at the meeting.  Please note: you need to have made your minimum donation to be admitted to the voting meeting.  A simple majority of votes of members in attendance at the Tuesday meeting will be required to move candidates forward to the Candidate Support Committee.
After candidates are approved by the membership, the names will be forwarded to the Candidate Support Committee.  Some Candidate Vetting Committee Members may attend the Candidate Support Committee meeting to provide additional information based on the in-person discussions with the candidates, and to ensure a smooth transition. The Candidate Support Committee will consider which support activities will be needed to help candidates win in the identified districts.
In addition, the Program & Events Committee will be setting up programs to provide members with the opportunity to meet the supported candidates to find out more about their campaigns, platforms and strategy.  
New Business
We still have about $20,000 to raise to meet our $100,000 PAC funding goal.  If you are willing or have friends who might be willing, we would appreciate it if you would host a fundraising event so that we can tell more people about our PAC and hopefully raise the additional $20,000.  Please let me or Marguerite Henderson (margueriteh100 (at), chair of the Program & Events Committee, know of your or others’ interest in hosting a fundraising party.
We are excited about the candidates that we have identified for PAC consideration.  We believe with the right amount of money and womanpower, they can win and we can begin to move the needle.  Thank you for all that you do and your support of this important undertaking.



Update and Upcoming Meeting

Dear Utah Women & Politics Members and Friends,

General Meeting
This is a reminder to save the date for our next meeting on April 3rd, when we will meet to review the recommendations of the Vetting Committee for preliminary candidates that we will consider supporting.  We don't anticipate that this will include all candidates that we might support, but will include a discussion of the candidates the committee has been able to review applications from and meet with thus far.  We anticipate more applications will be submitted as additional viable candidates are identified.  

Date & Time:  Tuesday, April 3rd at 6pm
Location:  Evolutionary Healthcare at 461 E 200 S #100, in Salt Lake City

Committee Updates
Once candidates are approved for support, the Candidate Support Committee will determine the level of funding support along with other support that candidates might need from the PAC.  

The Program & Events Committee has also begun meeting and planning for upcoming events.  This committee will help arrange for candidates to attend our meetings so that we can meet them in person, hear about their platforms and plans, and ask questions.  In addition, the Program & Events Committee will help organize a series of small fundraising receptions in Salt Lake City and Park City to introduce new people to UWP-PAC and to help raise the final $20,000 to get us to our $100,000 goal.  Any member who might be interested in hosting a party or assisting us in this endeavor, we could use your support along with your network of friends to invite.   

If you are interested in volunteering to be on one of these committees or others, please go to the Committee Volunteer Form on our website and register.  We'd love to have you. 

We also want to know more about your skills, talents, etc. so we can tap into it and help the candidates with the needs they will require to build a strong campaign and win an election.  Will you please take just a minute to complete this survey?  Member Survey

We had a wonderful evening at the McCune Mansion to introduce women under 40 to UWP-PAC.  We had a crowd of over 100 attend.  We certainly raised awareness for our group and our goals, and are hoping additional donations come in from women who attended this event.  If you know women who attended, please encourage them to make a donation to UWP - PAC.

While the UWP-PAC only supports candidates for the Utah State Legislature at this time, one of our members (Bev Cooper) is actively involved in the Rosie Rivera for County Sheriff campaign and wanted you all to know about it.  Rosie is the first woman sheriff Chief in Utah and the first Hispanic Womena sheriff in the nation.  Click to read more about Bev's request for support on the UWP-PAC website blog. 

Things are happening.  We're excited and optimistic as we hope you are.  We are eager to share our findings with the entire membership and hope you will all plan on attending our April 3rd meeting.



Upcoming Event for Rosie Rivera, re-election for Salt Lake County Sheriff

Dear Friends,

I agreed to help Rosie Rivera, Salt Lake County Sheriff, in her re-election campaign and I want you to join me.

Rosie is the first woman elected to this office in Utah and there is more. She has spent the last 25 years in law enforcement, watching, listening, learning and thinking about how to improve the Sheriff's department, the United Police Department and the jail. Here is the Tribune article about her election: .

I know that you will agree that given the challenges we are facing with immigration, homelessness and the opioid epidemic (just to name a few), we need someone like Rosie who has demonstrated a commitment to compassionate, wise and professional leadership. 

Here's how you can help. We are planning a fundraiser at Frida Bistro on April 7th from 7 - 9:00 pm that is generously donated by Jorge Fiero. The official invitation will be ready in a minute. You could:

  • Attend a short planning meeting on Saturday, March 17th, 8:30 am
  • Lend your name to the invitation as a host ($100 contribution)
  • Spread the word through your network
  • Attend the event
  • Donate to Rosie at

Please let me know ASAP how you want to help (email Bev at brc211 (at) We are finalizing the invitation in the next couple of days. Thank you. Bev


Beverley Cooper

Utah Women & Politics PAC - Updates and Save the Date

Dear Utah Women & Politics Members and Friends,

We wanted to give you an update and date for the next meeting.

We had two very successful fundraisers this month.  Nancy Garbett hosted a lovely evening on Thursday, February 15, in her beautiful home in Park City.  The group was very interested and small enough that we could have a very informative conversation about Utah Women & Politics, our PAC and politics in Utah.  We raised almost $3,000 that evening.

Our younger members put together an amazing evening on Wednesday, February 21 for over 100 women under 40 at the McCune Mansion, graciously donated by Mary McCarthey.  What a beautiful venue and an enthusiastic and energetic evening.  We still don't have a bottom line of that fundraising event.
Remember that you can donate online and we urge you to consider a donation to our PAC if you haven't already done so.  We have about another $20,000 that we need to raise in order to meet our goal of $100,000 and becoming the highest funded state PAC ever in Utah.

The Candidate Vetting Committee is well under way and has been meeting almost weekly. The Committee continues to meet with candidates who have declared in those districts where we believe we have a good chance of winning. And where strong candidates haven't emerged, the group is working to recruit good candidates for those races.  We should have a pretty good idea of the candidates in each district by the candidate declaration filing deadline of March 15.  We hope to have finished most of the candidate vetting and be able to present a slate of candidates for our support by our next UWP meeting on Tuesday, April 3.  Hopefully we will be able to get the candidates themselves to the meeting so that you have a chance to hear why they are running and how they plan on winning.

If you have not yet signed up for a committee, please go to and sign up.  As we're moving into the election very soon, we know there will be a lot of work to do with the PAC and with the candidates.  Let us know your interests and how you'd like to work on the PAC or the campaigns.

Next Meeting
Please HOLD THE DATE of Tuesday, April 3 for our next meeting to learn about the candidates the Vetting Committee is recommending and to vote on our support for those candidates.  We will send a follow up reminder closer to the date.

Member Skills Database
We are also hoping to assemble a member database of the skills, places, talents, services, and networks that this amazing group has, so we can tap into it and help the candidates with the needs they will require to build a strong campaign and win an election.  Will you please take just a minute to complete this survey and let us know your talents and skills? (

We're excited by the enthusiasm and level of support we are receiving from all of you and others in the community.  If any of you would like to host a small group in your home to introduce them to the PAC and our purpose - and to raise funds - let me know.

And, let me know if you have any other ideas and suggestions for Utah Women & Politics and the PAC.


Article from Democracy Journal: Middle America Reboots Democracy

Middle America Reboots Democracy

We spent months talking with anti-Trump forces—and they’re not who pundits say they are.


FROM FEBRUARY 20, 2018, 2:26 PM

Nancy Reynolds looks like no one’s idea of a revolutionary, least of all her own. She has a quick and contagious smile, shiny coiffed hair, a bad knee, and four grandchildren. Heartbroken after the defeat of Hillary Clinton—for whom Reynolds had spent long hours canvassing in the fall of 2016—she marched in protest in January 2017. When the 2018 anniversary march rolled around, she made sure to fit it in, but it wasn’t easy. These days Nancy Reynolds has campaigns to run: as Hampton Township coordinator for one friend’s Pennsylvania state senate campaign; as a canvass organizer for the slate of first-time candidates she helped elect to Hampton town council in November 2017, breaking long decades of Republican dominance; and now as signature-gatherer for her own campaign for election to her local Democratic Party committee as well. A retired children’s librarian, Nancy has long been a powerhouse within her local community, which is nestled in Pittsburgh’s northern suburbs. Prior to 2016, local and state politics were not on her radar screen. Now they dominate her to-do list every day. 

Click to continue reading:

UWP-PAC New Member Events In February

Friends & Supporters,

We have two important events coming up in the next few weeks to help introduce the UWP-PAC to new members and help raise funds for the PAC.  Please feel free to forward to your friends and anyone else you think may be interested.  It's a great opportunity to introduce them to the PAC in a fun, casual event where they can learn more and get to know each other.

Park City Reception:  Nancy Wastcoat Garbett, working with Cheryl Butler, Chair of the Summit County Democratic Party, will be hosting this fundraiser event focused on Park City residents in her lovely home to support our goal of raising $100,000 for our Utah Women & Politics - Political Action Committee.  The Park City reception is Thursday, February 15th from 5:30-8:00pm at the home of Nancy Wastcoat Garbett in Park City.  There is limited space so please RSVP at your earliest convenience.  

Under 40ish Reception:   Several of our younger members of the PAC are planning a fundraising event on Wednesday, February 21st from 7-9pm at the McCune Mansion in SLC.  If you know younger people who you think would like to be involved in the Utah Women & Politics - Political Action Committee, please invite them to this event.  We will help this group bundle donations, so that they can donate a lower amount (say 10 people donating $100 each).  

Facebook invite:

Lucinda L Kindred

Notes from Jan 16, 2018 Meeting

The Utah Women and Politics group met on Tuesday, Jan 16th to review materials for the UWP - PAC.  

Crystal Young-Otterstrom reviewed the Criteria and Rules by which the UWP-PAC will support and endorse legislative candidates. With a few changes, the Criteria presented were approved unanimously by the members. Updated version here:

Marilyn Paine reviewed the initial vetting application that candidates will be required to complete if they wish to be considered for PAC funding support. Again, with a few changes the application was approved.  Revised application form here:

Cindy Kindred reviewed the committee structure and the roles and responsibilities for each committee.  The committee descriptions and committee sign-ups are on the website at:  PLEASE GO ON LINE AND SIGN UP FOR THE COMMITTEE YOU WISH TO PARTICIPATE IN.  If you indicated a preference in an email, this will not be considered an assignment to a committee.  You need to go online and register to a committee for it to be official. Committee leaders will be convening committee meetings within the next month.  If you can indicate your committee choice in the next two weeks (by Feb 2nd), we will send out a schedule of when and where committee meeting will take place.

KRCL - Cindy Kindred, Carol Osborn and Diane Stewart were interviewed Thursday, January 18 on KRCL.  The interview covered the Women’s March and what’s happened since.  Listen in here:

Town Club - Several members who went back to Washington, D. C. for the Women’s March last January will be making a presentation to the Town Club at 11:00 am on Wednesday, January 24.  If you are interested in attending, please let Sally Ware (sallyware -at- know so that we can find a sponsor for your attendance.  Lunch is $15.00.

Fundraising Receptions
Under 40 Reception:   Wendy Evans and Crystal Young-Otterstrom are planning a fundraising event at the McCune Mansion for Wednesday, February 21.  If you know younger people who you think would like to be involved, please send their names to Wendy (wendykevans -at- and/or Crystal (cyo -at-

Park City Reception:  Nancy Garbett is hosting a fundraising reception in her beautiful home for Park City residents to introduce them to Utah Women & Politics and raise funds for our PAC.  The Park City reception is scheduled for Thursday, February 15.

Capitol Tours
ActionUtah is hosting weekly tours of the capitol along with instructions on how the legislature works every Tuesday during the legislative session.  If you are interested in participating in one of these tours, either just show up on Tuesday at 12:30pm or visit their Facebook event page for more information

San Juan County Commission Race
Heidi Redd is working with the Navajo tribe to get a Navajo elected to fill out the seat of a re-districted county commission seat.  If anyone is interested in helping with voter registrations sometime this Spring, contact Carol Osborn (cosborn -at- and/or Heidi Redd.  Good “boots on the ground” training.

Look for committee meeting dates and locations in a few weeks. Announcements will be mailed to everyone who signs on to work on a committee.  Get involved.  This is your time

Next Meeting on Tues Jan 16th

Dear Friends and Supporters of Utah Women and Politics,
This is a note to remind you that we have an important meeting on Tuesday, January 17 at 6:00 pm at Evolutionary Healthcare, 461 East 200 South, Suite 100.  

We want to share with the group our preliminary thinking on criteria for candidate support, a draft questionnaire we’ve developed for candidates to request support from the Utah Women & Politics PAC and finally, we hope to begin to form committees to help us vet and support candidates and move forward our agenda for creating more balance in the Utah legislature beginning with the 2018 elections.
DRAFT copies of these materials are included here:
Candidate application:
PAC criteria:

Below is a list of some of the committees we’d like you to consider signing up for at the meeting:
Candidate Vetting Committee
This committee will have the responsibility for reviewing requests for support from candidates and recommending which candidates they think should receive support from the Utah Women & Politics PAC. This might also require identifying viable candidates in targeted districts.  Most of this work will happen between now and June.
Candidate Support Committee
This committee will work with those candidates we’ve elected to support to be sure that they have the funds, boots on the ground, phone trees, help in identifying house parties, voter registration - whatever it takes to be sure the candidate has the support, money and manpower, to get elected.
Programs and Events Committee
This committee would be charged with planning monthly meetings for Utah Women & Politics, including candidate meet and greets, background information on voter registrations, what’s happening at the legislature and any informational topic that would help us to be more effective in supporting our candidates.  Additionally, the committee would be charged with occasional social get togethers of the Utah Women and Politics membership.
Communications Committee
This committee will oversee the Utah Women and Politics web site, internal communications, and support UWP in social marketing and community outreach and awareness.
Finance Committee
This committee will support the fundraising for the UWP - PAC, financial reporting to the Lt. Governor’s office, acknowledgement of receipt of funds, etc.
We hope to see  as many of you as can attend the meeting. This is the time to get our boots on the ground and make the difference in our local legislative leadership we’ve pledged to do.

Thank you!

Dear Friends and Supporters of Utah Women and Politics,
What an amazing gathering we had a Diane Stewart’s lovely home to kick off our Women & Politics PAC.  Thank you to Diane for hosting us. Thank you to those who could attend and a huge thank you to all of your who made a donation.  We so appreciate your support which we hope eventually will begin the change we all want to see in the Utah State legislature.  We will MOVE THE NEEDLE!
If you could not attend last night or forgot your checkbook, please go to our new website and make a donation.  
We also want to know how you want to be involved with the group.  We need volunteers and we need people to help us organize, identify, interview and vet candidates, help with fundraising, etc.  Let us know if you can devote some time to the organization, if you can serve on a committee or head up one and what your interests are. 

We’ve also received a lot of feedback about reaching out to younger women and we will be working on this very soon.  If you’re interested in helping, we would appreciate your support.
We still have another $30,000 to raise to reach our $100,000 goal, so please, please step forward and give as generously as you are able – and ask your friends to give as well.  We have a pledge form on line.  You can spread out your giving if that makes it easier.
Thank you all for your energy, your enthusiasm, and your wonderful support. 
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed “women” can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead

Invitation to Nov 29th Event

Hi all,

Our first Utah Women & Politics social event is coming up! We hope you will join us for our first fundraiser event for the Utah Women & Politics Political Action Committee (PAC) on Wednesday, November 29th from 5:30 - 7:30 pm at the home of Diane Stewart, xxx in Salt Lake City.  RSVP to lucinkin (at)

Our goal is to raise a total of $100,000 for the PAC, and we are asking for each member to donate $1,000+ either directly or by bundling the funds of several people together to make the $1,000+ contribution.  

Please help us get a good turnout at the event by forwarding this invitation to any others you think would be interested in supporting the Utah Women & Politics PAC. 

As background on the Utah Women & Politics group:
Utah Women & Politics (UWP) began with a group of 40 women who marched in Washington on January 21.  It has since grown to include over 100 women.  Our initial goal was to capture the momentum, excitement and urgency achieved at the March, and to determine how make a meaningful difference in future elections. The effort has evolved such that we are currently fund-raising to form a Political Action Committee focused on supporting candidates for the Utah State Legislature.  Specifically, we are seeking a more balanced, moderate and diverse legislature. The candidates we decide to support will be moderates from either party, and the race they are in must, with the appropriate support, be seen as winnable.  Candidates do not have to be women.  We are eager to have candidates who are willing to work across the aisle and to listen to all of their constituents.  UWP support could be in the form of dollar contributions, “boots on the ground” / going door to door, or hosting events to support the candidate(s). In addition to specific candidate support, UWP is committed to improving voter turnout, fair redistricting (including the Better Boundaries Utah efforts), and actively engaging younger people in the political process.

Upcoming Event: Nov 29th

Utah Women & Politics - We Need Your Help!!!

We hope that many of you will plan on attending our meeting tomorrow night at 6:00 pm at Evolutionary Healthcare.  We will be hearing from the Action Utah group as well as VOTERIZE, a successful voter recruitment project operating in Utah. 

We also need your help in getting us your mailing and phone information.  Invitations to the Utah Women & Politics social at Diane Stewart’s home on November 29 are going out this week.  We need you to send us your mailing addresses and phone numbers so that you can receive the invitation.  We also would urge you to invite others who you think might want to support our new UWP - PAC.  The social is a fundraiser and we hope that everyone who attends will plan to write a check to the new PAC.  For our current members we are asking everyone to give or get $1,000 - this is a two year contribution, so you can pay out over time or bundle donations from friends and family to reach the goal.  We don’t want individuals to feel guilty if you feel you can’t make that suggested donation amount.  We do however, want you to contribute at the level you feel most comfortable.  For some that may be more than $1,000 for others it may be less.  And, we hope that you will encourage others to join the PAC as well.  Our goal is $100,000 and we believe that we can reach that by year’s end. 

If you’re not able to attend tomorrow night’s meeting, please email us your contact information ASAP.  Thank you for your help and we hope to see many of you at tomorrow night’s Utah Women & Politics meeting.  It should be informative and we have news about the PAC to report.


Next Meeting Nov 14th

We are planning a meeting on Tuesday, November 14 at 6:00 pm at Evolutionary Healthcare.  Our guests will be ACTION UTAH and VOTERIZE talking about their respective organizations and how we might collaborate.  Please let us know if you plan to attend. 

ALSO, be sure that you have calendared our PAC Kick-off Social at Diane Stewart's home on Wednesday, November 29 at 6:00 pm.  I'll send out another reminder.  Please invite guests who you think would be interested in supporting our PAC.

See you all soon.