Notes From The UWP-PAC Meeting On July 31st

Dear Utah Women & Politics Friends,

What a wonderful evening at Marguerite's lovely home and an amazing feast for all of us.  Thank you, Marguerite, for all that you do for UWP-PAC.

Upcoming Events
We need your help in extending invitations

Wednesday, August 15 - 6:00 - 800 PM - Salt Lake City
UWP-PAC awareness and fundraising reception at the home of Candy Taylor.  Attached to this update is an invitation to Candy's reception.  Please forward to anyone who you think might be interested in supporting or learning more about Utah Women & Politics - PAC and invite them to join us.

Friday, August 17 - 4:30 - 6:30 - Ogden Utah
Ogden Balloon Festival Reception
Renaissance Chalet, 6949 East 1900 North, Eden, Utah
This reception supported by our candidate Deana Froerer, will be an opportunity to introduce the Ogden community and voters to Utah Woman and Politics.  We are asking for a $100/person donation to this event.  Tickets are available on our website at:
Again, we're attaching our invitation in the hope that you will share it with friends in Ogden or Salt Lake who might want to join us.  

Better Boundaries
Now known as Proposition 4 on the November Ballot.  Catherine Kanter brought the group up to date on the proposition.  It IS on the ballot and the importance for all of us is getting out the vote to see that it is passed.  Call your friends and engage everyone you know about the importance of this initiative designed to bring competition back into Utah's elections and eventually a better balance in our legislature and all our elective offices.  If you want more information or to volunteer, please contact Catherine ( or

Elsa Gary outlined the work of Voterise, an organization that she and her husband, Dick, started several year's ago.  The purpose is to register individuals to vote, so that elections are not decided by the few but the many.  Their focus has been on younger voters and they have had stunning success in registering voters - but more importantly seeing that those registered turn out to vote.  Their track record is that 79% of their registered voters vote!  Their current initiative "The 2020 Campaign" is to recruit 1,000 women to register 20 new voters each. Utah Women & Politics can go a long way toward helping them meet this goal if each of us commits to being one of the 1,000 and recruiting 20 women.  If you didn't get a chance to pick up a 2020 Voterise Packet, please contact for materials and information.

Our Candidates!!
Diane Stewart, co-chair of the Candidate Support Committee, reported that all of our supported candidates have demonstrated that they are on track and that we have sent a second check to each of them to continue their good work.

Each of our candidates talked about their progress.  All are diligently knocking on doors, making phone calls, getting campaign materials into constituent hands, attending house parties and civic meetings, and more!  However, they can all use our help.  If you are able, please pick at least one of the candidates to support --  you can go to each candidate's website to sign up for emails with ongoing volunteer opportunities and updates, or if you have questions or ideas for coordinating a group volunteer effort, you can reach out to the Candidate Liaison from Utah Women & Politics - PAC (listed below).

Anthony Sudweeks, House District 49 (East Sandy and East Draper)
UWP COORDINATORS:  Remlee Robins and Sarah Belzer
Suzanne Harrison, House District 32 (Sandy, Draper, White City)
UWP Coordinator:  Dana Williamson (
Deana Froerer, House District 8 (Huntsville, Eastern Weber County)
UWP Coordinator, Kathryn Lindquist (
Andrew Stoddard, House District 44 (Murray and Midvale, along I-15 S) 
UWP Coordinator - Holly Smith (
Kathleen Riebe, Senate District 8 (Murray, Cottonwood Heights, Big & Little Cottonwood Canyons)
UWP Coordinator:  Gretchen Anderson (

There are less than 100 days now until the November election.  Our candidates need all the support we can provide so that they will ALL win in November.  Please support them in whatever ways you can.  Think about pulling together a "calling night" at your home and get phone numbers of unaffiliated voters in one of our candidate's districts and make calls, along with wine and cheese and good friends.  Be creative, but be involved.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Mead

Thank you all for everything you are doing to move the needle.


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