Notes from UWP-PAC June 5th Meeting

Dear Utah Women & Politics,

Our meeting last night at Evolutionary Healthcare was truly inspiring.  We had a good crowd to meet the initial five candidates that the Utah Women & Politics PAC is supporting.  What an impressive group of candidates:  intelligent, passionate, engaged and positioning themselves win. 
We also appreciate all of the member enthusiasm at the meeting and want to continue the momentum.  One of our members offered to cater a house party in each of the districts for our five candidates.  Our PAC also agreed to take a table at the Orton & McKay dinner scheduled at The Bigelow in Ogden on June 22 at 6:00 pm.  All proceeds help support the Weber County democrats in building the local party, and recruiting and supporting candidates, and building a base of involved citizens that believe in balanced and reasoned representation at the local, state and national level.  Deana believes this event will support her campaign.  If you're interested in attending, please let us know.

This is just the beginning.  We have five months until election day and NOW is really the time to engage.  

The Candidates
Here are the candidates that we have currently elected to support.  After the primaries, we may add more.  They need our support - our money, time and talent.  We've started with the money.  Contact these remarkable candidates and find out how you can help.  They can all win with our continued help.

Deana Froerer (House 8)
(801) 388-7162
District:  Weber County, Ogden
Suzanne Harrison (House 32)
(801) 999-8047
District:  Sandy, Draper and White City

Kathleen Riebe (Senate 8)
(801) 599-5753
District:  Midvale, Cottonwood Heights, Draper

Andrew Stoddard (House 44)
(385) 722-4183
District:  Murray, Midvale and Sandy

Anthony Sudweeks (House 49)
(801) 884-7950
District:  Sandy, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Midvale, Dimple Dell

It's Time to Engage.  Here are ways that you can help:
Walk for a candidate
Put out yard signs
Send out postcards
Volunteer to make phone calls/answer calls
Host a house party for a candidate or our PAC
Work to sign up new voters
Provide administrative support
Post your support on social media
Write personal notes to encourage other voters to support a candidate (Deana Froerer really needs voters in her district for this. Please contact Deana if you have friends or family in her district)
And more.  Be creative! 

Use the contact information above to reach out to candidates you are interested in supporting and find out how you can best help.

Next Meeting
We will schedule a follow-up meeting with the candidates at the end of July/early August to be updated on their progress.  We'll keep you posted on progress, as well as any new candidates that emerge for support.  Committees will continue to meet to work on specific areas as needed – you can join one here  
If you haven't yet made a contribution to Utah Women and Politics PAC. now is the time to do so.

Finally, a big thank you to Carol Osborn and the Vetting Committee for selecting an amazing and electable group of a candidates.  And to Diane Stewart and Christine Gailey and the Candidate Support Committee for arranging financial support and tracking the progress candidates.  And finally, to Marguerite Henderson and her amazing Program Committee who put together tonight's program which Marguerite catered (beautiful and delicious food). Thank you all!

Thank you all for the great work you are all doing.  Don't stop.  This is just the beginning.


Lucinda L Kindred