Reminder: Voting Members Meeting on April 3rd to Vote on Candidate Support

Dear Utah Women & Politics Members,
This email is a reminder of our meeting on Tuesday, April 3rd at 6:00pm at Evolutionary Healthcare, 461 East 200 South, Suite #100.  If you want to bring a "snack" and or wine, it would be appreciated. The purpose of this meeting will be to vote on the candidates that the Candidate Vetting Committee is recommending for UWP-PAC support.  As additional candidates request our support, we will continue to review their applications and present them to our membership for PAC support.
The Agenda for the meeting:
Civics 101
Crystal Young-Otterstrom will be giving us a civics lesson on candidate eligibility, the caucus process, the conventions, primaries and (once elected) the legislative process.  Many of you have requested this information and I know Crystal will do a thorough and complete overview.  
Candidate Voting
The last 2-3 candidates in the first round will be interviewed by the Candidate Vetting Committee on Monday.  After the interviews on Monday, you will be notified, and candidates and their applications will be posted on a secure part of the website.  Note that different candidates have different needs; the ranking will be clear in Monday’s message.  The names you get on Monday are the candidates who are recommended for consideration and will be voted on Tuesday.  Once you have the candidate information, please review BEFORE we meet on Tuesday.  Copies will not be available at the meeting.  Please note: you need to have made your minimum donation to be admitted to the voting meeting.  A simple majority of votes of members in attendance at the Tuesday meeting will be required to move candidates forward to the Candidate Support Committee.
After candidates are approved by the membership, the names will be forwarded to the Candidate Support Committee.  Some Candidate Vetting Committee Members may attend the Candidate Support Committee meeting to provide additional information based on the in-person discussions with the candidates, and to ensure a smooth transition. The Candidate Support Committee will consider which support activities will be needed to help candidates win in the identified districts.
In addition, the Program & Events Committee will be setting up programs to provide members with the opportunity to meet the supported candidates to find out more about their campaigns, platforms and strategy.  
New Business
We still have about $20,000 to raise to meet our $100,000 PAC funding goal.  If you are willing or have friends who might be willing, we would appreciate it if you would host a fundraising event so that we can tell more people about our PAC and hopefully raise the additional $20,000.  Please let me or Marguerite Henderson (margueriteh100 (at), chair of the Program & Events Committee, know of your or others’ interest in hosting a fundraising party.
We are excited about the candidates that we have identified for PAC consideration.  We believe with the right amount of money and womanpower, they can win and we can begin to move the needle.  Thank you for all that you do and your support of this important undertaking.