UWP-PAC New Member Events In February

Friends & Supporters,

We have two important events coming up in the next few weeks to help introduce the UWP-PAC to new members and help raise funds for the PAC.  Please feel free to forward to your friends and anyone else you think may be interested.  It's a great opportunity to introduce them to the PAC in a fun, casual event where they can learn more and get to know each other.

Park City Reception:  Nancy Wastcoat Garbett, working with Cheryl Butler, Chair of the Summit County Democratic Party, will be hosting this fundraiser event focused on Park City residents in her lovely home to support our goal of raising $100,000 for our Utah Women & Politics - Political Action Committee.  The Park City reception is Thursday, February 15th from 5:30-8:00pm at the home of Nancy Wastcoat Garbett in Park City.  There is limited space so please RSVP at your earliest convenience.  
RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/utah-women-politics-pac-first-park-city-social-event-tickets-42587158337

Under 40ish Reception:   Several of our younger members of the PAC are planning a fundraising event on Wednesday, February 21st from 7-9pm at the McCune Mansion in SLC.  If you know younger people who you think would like to be involved in the Utah Women & Politics - Political Action Committee, please invite them to this event.  We will help this group bundle donations, so that they can donate a lower amount (say 10 people donating $100 each).  

RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ladies-that-pac-tickets-42959291397
Facebook invite:  https://www.facebook.com/events/2450441105180554

Lucinda L Kindred

Notes from Jan 16, 2018 Meeting

The Utah Women and Politics group met on Tuesday, Jan 16th to review materials for the UWP - PAC.  

Crystal Young-Otterstrom reviewed the Criteria and Rules by which the UWP-PAC will support and endorse legislative candidates. With a few changes, the Criteria presented were approved unanimously by the members. Updated version here: www.utahwomenandpolitics.org/paccriteria

Marilyn Paine reviewed the initial vetting application that candidates will be required to complete if they wish to be considered for PAC funding support. Again, with a few changes the application was approved.  Revised application form here: www.utahwomenandpolitics.org/candidate-form

Cindy Kindred reviewed the committee structure and the roles and responsibilities for each committee.  The committee descriptions and committee sign-ups are on the website at: www.utahwomenandpolitics.org/committee-signup  PLEASE GO ON LINE AND SIGN UP FOR THE COMMITTEE YOU WISH TO PARTICIPATE IN.  If you indicated a preference in an email, this will not be considered an assignment to a committee.  You need to go online and register to a committee for it to be official. Committee leaders will be convening committee meetings within the next month.  If you can indicate your committee choice in the next two weeks (by Feb 2nd), we will send out a schedule of when and where committee meeting will take place.

KRCL - Cindy Kindred, Carol Osborn and Diane Stewart were interviewed Thursday, January 18 on KRCL.  The interview covered the Women’s March and what’s happened since.  Listen in here: krcl.org/blog/radioactive-january-18-2018

Town Club - Several members who went back to Washington, D. C. for the Women’s March last January will be making a presentation to the Town Club at 11:00 am on Wednesday, January 24.  If you are interested in attending, please let Sally Ware (sallyware -at- me.com) know so that we can find a sponsor for your attendance.  Lunch is $15.00.

Fundraising Receptions
Under 40 Reception:   Wendy Evans and Crystal Young-Otterstrom are planning a fundraising event at the McCune Mansion for Wednesday, February 21.  If you know younger people who you think would like to be involved, please send their names to Wendy (wendykevans -at- yahoo.com) and/or Crystal (cyo -at- brand.pink).

Park City Reception:  Nancy Garbett is hosting a fundraising reception in her beautiful home for Park City residents to introduce them to Utah Women & Politics and raise funds for our PAC.  The Park City reception is scheduled for Thursday, February 15.

Capitol Tours
ActionUtah is hosting weekly tours of the capitol along with instructions on how the legislature works every Tuesday during the legislative session.  If you are interested in participating in one of these tours, either just show up on Tuesday at 12:30pm or visit their Facebook event page for more information www.facebook.com/events/1398801056913632/

San Juan County Commission Race
Heidi Redd is working with the Navajo tribe to get a Navajo elected to fill out the seat of a re-districted county commission seat.  If anyone is interested in helping with voter registrations sometime this Spring, contact Carol Osborn (cosborn -at- evolutionaryhealthcare.com) and/or Heidi Redd.  Good “boots on the ground” training.

Look for committee meeting dates and locations in a few weeks. Announcements will be mailed to everyone who signs on to work on a committee.  Get involved.  This is your time

Next Meeting on Tues Jan 16th

Dear Friends and Supporters of Utah Women and Politics,
This is a note to remind you that we have an important meeting on Tuesday, January 17 at 6:00 pm at Evolutionary Healthcare, 461 East 200 South, Suite 100.  

We want to share with the group our preliminary thinking on criteria for candidate support, a draft questionnaire we’ve developed for candidates to request support from the Utah Women & Politics PAC and finally, we hope to begin to form committees to help us vet and support candidates and move forward our agenda for creating more balance in the Utah legislature beginning with the 2018 elections.
DRAFT copies of these materials are included here:
Candidate application: www.utahwomenandpolitics.org/candapp
PAC criteria:  www.utahwomenandpolitics.org/paccriteria

Below is a list of some of the committees we’d like you to consider signing up for at the meeting:
Candidate Vetting Committee
This committee will have the responsibility for reviewing requests for support from candidates and recommending which candidates they think should receive support from the Utah Women & Politics PAC. This might also require identifying viable candidates in targeted districts.  Most of this work will happen between now and June.
Candidate Support Committee
This committee will work with those candidates we’ve elected to support to be sure that they have the funds, boots on the ground, phone trees, help in identifying house parties, voter registration - whatever it takes to be sure the candidate has the support, money and manpower, to get elected.
Programs and Events Committee
This committee would be charged with planning monthly meetings for Utah Women & Politics, including candidate meet and greets, background information on voter registrations, what’s happening at the legislature and any informational topic that would help us to be more effective in supporting our candidates.  Additionally, the committee would be charged with occasional social get togethers of the Utah Women and Politics membership.
Communications Committee
This committee will oversee the Utah Women and Politics web site, internal communications, and support UWP in social marketing and community outreach and awareness.
Finance Committee
This committee will support the fundraising for the UWP - PAC, financial reporting to the Lt. Governor’s office, acknowledgement of receipt of funds, etc.
We hope to see  as many of you as can attend the meeting. This is the time to get our boots on the ground and make the difference in our local legislative leadership we’ve pledged to do.

Thank you!

Dear Friends and Supporters of Utah Women and Politics,
What an amazing gathering we had a Diane Stewart’s lovely home to kick off our Women & Politics PAC.  Thank you to Diane for hosting us. Thank you to those who could attend and a huge thank you to all of your who made a donation.  We so appreciate your support which we hope eventually will begin the change we all want to see in the Utah State legislature.  We will MOVE THE NEEDLE!
If you could not attend last night or forgot your checkbook, please go to our new website utahwomenandpolitics.org and make a donation.  
We also want to know how you want to be involved with the group.  We need volunteers and we need people to help us organize, identify, interview and vet candidates, help with fundraising, etc.  Let us know if you can devote some time to the organization, if you can serve on a committee or head up one and what your interests are. 

We’ve also received a lot of feedback about reaching out to younger women and we will be working on this very soon.  If you’re interested in helping, we would appreciate your support.
We still have another $30,000 to raise to reach our $100,000 goal, so please, please step forward and give as generously as you are able – and ask your friends to give as well.  We have a pledge form on line.  You can spread out your giving if that makes it easier.
Thank you all for your energy, your enthusiasm, and your wonderful support. 
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed “women” can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead

Invitation to Nov 29th Event

Hi all,

Our first Utah Women & Politics social event is coming up! We hope you will join us for our first fundraiser event for the Utah Women & Politics Political Action Committee (PAC) on Wednesday, November 29th from 5:30 - 7:30 pm at the home of Diane Stewart, xxx in Salt Lake City.  RSVP to lucinkin (at) gmail.com.

Our goal is to raise a total of $100,000 for the PAC, and we are asking for each member to donate $1,000+ either directly or by bundling the funds of several people together to make the $1,000+ contribution.  

Please help us get a good turnout at the event by forwarding this invitation to any others you think would be interested in supporting the Utah Women & Politics PAC. 

As background on the Utah Women & Politics group:
Utah Women & Politics (UWP) began with a group of 40 women who marched in Washington on January 21.  It has since grown to include over 100 women.  Our initial goal was to capture the momentum, excitement and urgency achieved at the March, and to determine how make a meaningful difference in future elections. The effort has evolved such that we are currently fund-raising to form a Political Action Committee focused on supporting candidates for the Utah State Legislature.  Specifically, we are seeking a more balanced, moderate and diverse legislature. The candidates we decide to support will be moderates from either party, and the race they are in must, with the appropriate support, be seen as winnable.  Candidates do not have to be women.  We are eager to have candidates who are willing to work across the aisle and to listen to all of their constituents.  UWP support could be in the form of dollar contributions, “boots on the ground” / going door to door, or hosting events to support the candidate(s). In addition to specific candidate support, UWP is committed to improving voter turnout, fair redistricting (including the Better Boundaries Utah efforts), and actively engaging younger people in the political process.

Upcoming Event: Nov 29th

Utah Women & Politics - We Need Your Help!!!

We hope that many of you will plan on attending our meeting tomorrow night at 6:00 pm at Evolutionary Healthcare.  We will be hearing from the Action Utah group as well as VOTERIZE, a successful voter recruitment project operating in Utah. 

We also need your help in getting us your mailing and phone information.  Invitations to the Utah Women & Politics social at Diane Stewart’s home on November 29 are going out this week.  We need you to send us your mailing addresses and phone numbers so that you can receive the invitation.  We also would urge you to invite others who you think might want to support our new UWP - PAC.  The social is a fundraiser and we hope that everyone who attends will plan to write a check to the new PAC.  For our current members we are asking everyone to give or get $1,000 - this is a two year contribution, so you can pay out over time or bundle donations from friends and family to reach the goal.  We don’t want individuals to feel guilty if you feel you can’t make that suggested donation amount.  We do however, want you to contribute at the level you feel most comfortable.  For some that may be more than $1,000 for others it may be less.  And, we hope that you will encourage others to join the PAC as well.  Our goal is $100,000 and we believe that we can reach that by year’s end. 

If you’re not able to attend tomorrow night’s meeting, please email us your contact information ASAP.  Thank you for your help and we hope to see many of you at tomorrow night’s Utah Women & Politics meeting.  It should be informative and we have news about the PAC to report.


Next Meeting Nov 14th

We are planning a meeting on Tuesday, November 14 at 6:00 pm at Evolutionary Healthcare.  Our guests will be ACTION UTAH and VOTERIZE talking about their respective organizations and how we might collaborate.  Please let us know if you plan to attend. 

ALSO, be sure that you have calendared our PAC Kick-off Social at Diane Stewart's home on Wednesday, November 29 at 6:00 pm.  I'll send out another reminder.  Please invite guests who you think would be interested in supporting our PAC.

See you all soon.