Next Meeting on Tues Jan 16th

Dear Friends and Supporters of Utah Women and Politics,
This is a note to remind you that we have an important meeting on Tuesday, January 17 at 6:00 pm at Evolutionary Healthcare, 461 East 200 South, Suite 100.  

We want to share with the group our preliminary thinking on criteria for candidate support, a draft questionnaire we’ve developed for candidates to request support from the Utah Women & Politics PAC and finally, we hope to begin to form committees to help us vet and support candidates and move forward our agenda for creating more balance in the Utah legislature beginning with the 2018 elections.
DRAFT copies of these materials are included here:
Candidate application:
PAC criteria:

Below is a list of some of the committees we’d like you to consider signing up for at the meeting:
Candidate Vetting Committee
This committee will have the responsibility for reviewing requests for support from candidates and recommending which candidates they think should receive support from the Utah Women & Politics PAC. This might also require identifying viable candidates in targeted districts.  Most of this work will happen between now and June.
Candidate Support Committee
This committee will work with those candidates we’ve elected to support to be sure that they have the funds, boots on the ground, phone trees, help in identifying house parties, voter registration - whatever it takes to be sure the candidate has the support, money and manpower, to get elected.
Programs and Events Committee
This committee would be charged with planning monthly meetings for Utah Women & Politics, including candidate meet and greets, background information on voter registrations, what’s happening at the legislature and any informational topic that would help us to be more effective in supporting our candidates.  Additionally, the committee would be charged with occasional social get togethers of the Utah Women and Politics membership.
Communications Committee
This committee will oversee the Utah Women and Politics web site, internal communications, and support UWP in social marketing and community outreach and awareness.
Finance Committee
This committee will support the fundraising for the UWP - PAC, financial reporting to the Lt. Governor’s office, acknowledgement of receipt of funds, etc.
We hope to see  as many of you as can attend the meeting. This is the time to get our boots on the ground and make the difference in our local legislative leadership we’ve pledged to do.