Utah Women and Politics (UWP)

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Utah Women and Politics began with a group of 40 women who marched in Washington on January 21.  It has since grown to include over 100 women.  Our initial goal was to capture the momentum, excitement and urgency achieved at the March, and to determine how to make a meaningful difference in future elections.  The effort has evolved such that we have formed a Political Action Committee focused on supporting candidates for the Utah State Legislature.  Specifically, we are seeking a more balanced, moderate/progressive and diverse legislature.

The candidates we decide to support will be moderates from either party, and the race they are in must, with the appropriate support, be seen as winnable.  Candidates do not have to be women.  We are eager to have candidates who are willing to work across the aisle and to listen to all of their constituents.  Examples of UWP support include: dollar contributions, “boots on the ground” / going door to door, or hosting events to support the candidate(s).

In addition to specific candidate support, UWP is committed to improving voter turnout, actively engaging younger people in the political process, and supporting redistricting work.

Women and Politics Political Action Committee (PAC)

The purpose of the PAC is to assist in selected campaigns, including fundraising, for viable candidates from either party who are running for the State Legislature.  Endorsements will be determined after the primary elections.  The two major criteria for selection are:

·      Electability and

·      Moderate political/progressive views in line with their districts.

The PAC will support candidates who are willing to work across the aisle.  While the PAC has no gender requirements for candidates it selects, it is seeking to achieve a balanced and diverse legislature.


CANDIDATE APPLICATION (document only - CLICK HERE to complete online application)







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Do you currently hold an office? Y___  No ____

Political Background (100 words):

Brief Bio (100 words):


Questions for candidates:

1.     Describe briefly why you have chosen to run for office, and tell us what you stand for.

2.     Explain how you differentiate yourself from your opposition.

3.    What are your top 3 issues and your position on those issues? How will you have an impact on each?

4.     Describe three key points of your strategy for getting elected, including your timeline.

5.     Please provide the election math for your district for the last 2 elections, and the size of your persuadable universe. (Election math includes # of registered voters, # of active voters, and your win number)

6.     Provide 2 or 3 examples of how you have worked collaboratively in a difficult situation to bring people together.  How will you work to hear other perspectives from people who think differently than you?

7.     If you are not currently, nor have been, elected to the legislature, then describe how you have participated in the political or advocacy process in the past.

8.     Which candidate training program(s) did you attend? If you haven’t attended a training program will you attend one?  What were your important “take-aways” from the program?

9.     What is your campaign budget?  How much funding are you seeking from the UWP-PAC (and what percentage is that of your total campaign budget)?  How do you plan to use the dollars?