Happy New Year from Utah Women and Politics PAC!

Thank you all for all of your great support of this remarkable effort in the last elections. As we begin a new year, I would like to challenge and request of all of you to continue to support the PAC.  Our next races are going to take more effort and more money --our goal for the 2020 elections is $200,000.  

I would like to ask each of you to continue to support our Utah Women and Politics PAC at the same or higher level than you supported us in the past - and do that amount for two years.  If we all do this, we will make our goal.  We can be flexible with payments - you can pay monthly, quarterly whatever best works for you.  Credit cards donations can be done online on our website at utahwomenandpolitics.org and checks can be made out to Utah Women and Politics PAC and mailed to 29 South State #404, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111.

The Utah Women and Politics PAC is still a very new group (the PAC was officially formed in October 2017) so this is just the beginning and we need your help to improve our group as we head into 2020.  We will hold a meeting in a couple of months to plan for the future, and hope you will help us think of new opportunities for members to engage and ways for our group to help identify and support candidates in this next election cycle. If you have ideas or suggestions now, please also feel free to reach out and share your thoughts anytime.  We need all of your support and energy.

Thank you for all that you to help continue to "move the needle" in Utah.