INTERNAL Utah Women & Politics PAC Criteria & Rules


Purpose of PAC:

Solicit and raise funds to support and elect viable candidates for Utah state legislative offices.


Three main criteria:

1.     Electability (defined below)

2.     Moderate/progressive political views that are in alignment with their district

3.     Moving the needle


Electability factors TO CONSIDER:

1.      Previous election math / polls

2.      Candidate’s election plan

3.      Are they a good match to their district?

4.      Will this person bring balance and/or move the needle in Utah politics

5.      Open seats



1.     No more than one endorsement per district

2.     Endorsements may be granted before nomination

3.     Only financially participating members may vote

4.     PAC may endorse a candidate of any political party

5.     We may support an incumbent to protect a seat


Endorsement Process:

1.     Interested candidates fill out questionnaire

2.     Candidate vetting committee selects candidates to present to PAC members, process includes interviews

3.     Candidates present to PAC members

4.     PAC members vote on whom to support

5.     Support committee makes a recommendation for funding level and possible additional support per candidate.  Candidate may need to reach benchmarks to receive each funding distribution.

6.     PAC members vote on recommended funding level

7.     All candidates are informed of decision in a timely process


Discussed/Revised 1.10.18